How to find the impacted snap from the 'GET /v2/changes' REST api?


Changes REST api doesn’t provide any identifier to identify the impacted snap.

If I want to know all the snaps with in-progress changes, with the response from the changes api, its not possible to map to snaps.

I am working on this ubuntu/app-center bug and trying to identify the list of snaps that are being installed.

This comment, explains the issue in detail.

Please help if there is any alternate way, to get all snaps with active changes.

Could this be accepted as change request for ‘GET v2/Change’ api?

Thank you.

Should you not better use the REST equivalent of snap refresh --list (before calling the actual refresh command) instead of crawling through the log after the fact?

Hello @ogra, snap refresh --list or its REST equivalent is returning the list of snaps that has updates.

I am interested in getting list of snaps that are being installed/uninstalled at the moment.

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