How to find snaps

I have seen some questions close to the one I have - but not spot on. My question is about how to find snaps. I cannot see any browse by category menue which mean that you can only find snaps you already know about beforehand. But how do I find new snaps? It feels like a catch 22 to only being able to find snaps you already know are there - are there any other pages, forums or stores that let me know about new snaps?

How, exactly, are you looking for them currently?

I have been using

We had even included this in budgie-welcome (Ubuntu Budgie).

@bashfulrobot - that’s exactly what Im looking for! Thanks a lot!!

There is also


That’s awesome! Didn’t know it was there

One issue here … no way to “browse” snaps.

Does anyone know if there is a plan to add a “browse” feature to By category, etc?