How to extract installer from locally installed snap?

I need to use Authy 2.2.3. Authy has removed this version from

snap-id: H8ZpNgIoPyvmkgxOWw5MSzsXK1wRZiHn
  latest/stable:    2.3.0 2023-04-18 (19) 73MB -
  latest/candidate: ↑                          
  latest/beta:      ↑                          
  latest/edge:      ↑

so how can one extract an installer to share with others who need authy 2.2.3 from a machine with that version installed?

If it’s in your machine, try snap revert authy this, will take back to the previous version, mention the particular revision to go back to that

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But I want to be able to provide the installer to others.

Can you explain further, what you exactly want to do?

I want to extract the installer file from the snap server in order to install a version of a snap (authy) that might be removed from the official Snapcraft server in the future by the author.

Go to /var/lib/snapd/snaps and copy the .snap file. Try not to do this in your current OS. Doing this from a live usb is a better option.

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Thanks lots. However, why is this no recommended on a permanent installation? – Duplication can’t be a destructive action, surely?

You can copy .snap files that are mounted just fine with no issues, what you should never do is use the mv command on them while they are mounted… but a cp is fine and will not cause any problems anywhere …

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Sorry about my wrong explaination regarding that.