How to download source to a particular location?

How should I download source (via dump, for example) to a particular location within the snap? It’s not entirely clear in the docs…

Found source-subdir but that doesn’t seem relevant to this purpose? That’s more about building?

Will organize help here?

But you can’t use organize to set a location within the snap to download to?

Sure. What’s the use case here, can you be more specific?

I was trying to snap Argentum Age and wanted to build the Anura game engine and then download Argentum Age to [anura-root]/modules/citadel as the wiki says you should build AA, but didn’t know how to make a part that would download to that location (presumably it would be $SNAP/modules/citadel or, at least, I would’ve given that a go and figured out how the filesystem worked out if that didn’t work).

It might be better to use the prebuilt binary, although now I’m having trouble getting building in LXD working (sorted now, just have to use dir rather than ZFS for the time being), but I’m trying to engage with the LXD people to resolve that, and I think it would make more sense to build from the repo (though idk how I’ll handle the auto-updating mechanism).