How to create a snap Local repository?

Hello, I am looking for steps to create a Local repository for Snap, so that I can install softwares on system which do not have internet access.

You can download snaps using the snap download command. For example:

snap download snapname

This will create the files snapname_N.snap and snapname_N.assert. You can then install the snap on another system with:

sudo snap ack snapname_N.assert
sudo snap install snapname_N.snap

Assuming the install does not trigger the install of any other snaps, these two commands should be able to run offline. There’s two cases that could trigger downloads:

  1. If the snap’s base snap is not installed. So if the snap is built with core22 as its runtime, you may need to download that and install it first.
  2. if the snap has content interface plugs, and the snap with the corresponding slot is missing. If you’re dealing with graphical snaps, you’ll want to make sure gtk-commmon-themes and the relevant gnome runtime (e.g. gnome-42-2204) are available.


you can run it in airgapped mode to have a local server and feed snaps+assertions into it via i.e. USB stick or by scp and calling the import commands …