How to configure ETCD snap on 18.04.3

Is there a way to configure the etcd snap with a systemd unit file like the one below?

user@host:~$ cat  /etc/systemd/system/etcd.service

Description=etcd service

ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/etcd \\
  --name ${ETCD_NAME} \\
  --data-dir=/var/lib/etcd \\
  --initial-advertise-peer-urls http://${ETCD_HOST_IP}:2380 \\
  --listen-peer-urls http://${ETCD_HOST_IP}:2380 \\
  --listen-client-urls http://${ETCD_HOST_IP}:2379, \\
  --advertise-client-urls http://${ETCD_HOST_IP}:2379 \\
  --initial-cluster-token etcd-cluster-0 \\
  --initial-cluster etcd1=http://etcd1:2380,etcd2=http://etcd2:2380,etcd3=http://etcd3:2380 \\
  --initial-cluster-state new \


After following this tutorial
snap services can be managed with systemctl commands if desired.

snap services are found at /etc/systemd/system/ etcd service is named snap.etcd.etcd.service

etcd service looks for config.yml at /var/snap/etcd/common/etcd.conf.yml
example config