How to cleanbuild with --no-parallel-build

I have something which needs to be built serially, so I want to specify --no-parallel-build which works, but if I want to cleanbuild in lxd it seems impossible.

snapcraft --no-parallel-build cleanbuild

Just returns the command line help.

I’m running snapcraft 2.29.

Is there some reason I cannot specify --no-parallel-build and cleanbuild together, or is it a bug?

thx guys

You can specify the --no-parallel-builds flag, but you have to do it after cleanbuild:

snapcraft cleanbuild --no-parallel-builds

My snapcraft version is version 2.33+git3.99f5598, if yours doesn’t support it you might want to remove it and install a newer one using snap install snapcraft.

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I’ve edited the question so it became only about snapcraft, and moved the store question here.