How to Change microstack config.tls.generate-self-signed to false

Hello, community, I have just installed microstack using snap into ubuntu 20.04 LTS. However, the installation initiated a self-signed certificate that caused a website using nginx server protected by cloudflare to give a 526 error code, which is a result of the cloudflare origin certificate not being recognized on the server running my website. During microstack installation, the microstack config.tls.generate-self-signed is default to True, but I want to change the boolean operator from True to False, so I can post my own cacert.pem, cert.pem, and key.pem files, which will communicate successfully with cloudflare. The website I am speaking about is; the site doesn’t work after I installed microstack using snap. My question is that I would like to know where to find the <config.tls.generate-self-signed> flag, so I can change the boolean from True to False. I am suspecting that it might be located in a script, but which script or file is it located in? so I can open the file and perform the edit. Thanks in advance for any help.

I ran the “-l” flag with the command, and I found where the script is located; however, the file/script is in binary format/computer language. So, I was correct in asserting that the snap command is a script, which is controlled by snap. In fact, the script is located in /usr/bin/snap get microstack config.tls.generate-self-signed but when I opened the file, I saw that the file was in machine language aka binary mode. Is there a way around editing this file with a command or command line tool instead of actually playing round with the zeros and ones? Any help will be appreciated.