How to build snap with python 3.6

This is something that should be straightforward but I haven’t found any documentation in how to do so. I gladly appreciate your help.

I need to build an app that requires python 3.6. The snapcraft builds using python 3.5.

Any idea how I can build the snap with python 3.6 or python 3.7 ?

Here are the steps:

  • sudo apt remove --purge snapcraft
  • sudo snap install snapcraft --classic
  • cd <project>
  • snapcraft init
  • edit snap/snapcraft.yaml (leave the base declaration as is, i.e.; core18)
  • run snapcraft

Hope this helps.

Im using so i’m not sure how your suggestion helps.

You can see my snapcraft.yaml file here.

It says base: core18 but still is using python 3.5 instead of python 3.6.

You can see the log of the last build here.

Any idea? does not have support for core18 yet

I tried this, But the snap is still packaged with python3.5 and the all the modules go and sit in python3.5/site-packages folder. I am building on the official docker image for snapcraft.

NOTE: This is no longer valid: Core18 base in