How to build for i386 if you depend on the gnome-3-38 extension?

I recently upgraded my openjk snap from core18 to core20.
Sadly, “desktop helpers” seem to have been deprecated. The workaround I found was to use the gnome-3-38 extension to get desktop support. But the extension doesn’t support i386 platforms. According to my telemetry, openjk still has some i386 users. I would rather not leave them behind. What should/can I do?
Thank you for your time.

Go back to core18 and use gnome-3-34 instead of gnome-3-38.


I was afraid of that. This is frustrating, because the gnome extension is pulling in a bunch of dependencies I don’t actually need. I worry about what will happen when core18 isn’t updated anymore. Are there any plans to have a glib-only extension that will support a larger number of architectures?

you are always free to use the desktop helpers, just because the extensions are the preferred method does not mean you can not use them … you’ll just need to deal with incoming bugs yourself