How to add language in Chromium?


Is there a way to add other languages in Chromium?
Clicking on ‘Add languages’ (Settings/Advanced/Languages) does nothing.
Only the system default language appears.
Same with both edge & stable versions.

Ubuntu 20.10
Chromium 88.0.4315.5 snap (edge)

This works for me:


Can you share a screenshot/screencast demonstrating the problem?

nothing happens by clicking on ‘Ajouter des langues’


Do you have any flags enabled in chromium? I had this same problem earlier in the year, and IIRC it ended up being caused by a flag that seemed unrelated, but I don’t remember which now. (Flags are not limited to a profile, so a new profile or the guest one won’t solve it, but starting chromium in a new user account would.)

I totally uninstalled and reinstalled Chromium (saving my default user folder before) but it didn’t change anything.
The problem was with an old Chromium preferences folder installed through apt that Chromium probably needs to look at at some point to import data from it.
I renamed it so that Chromium snap cannot reach it.
Adding languages is now possible.

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That’s interesting. Glad you found a workaround, although we didn’t get to the bottom of the problem. But it seems to point in the direction @elcste was suggesting, of a flag/preference causing the issue.

There is a bunch of flags
Probably activated some but I don’t remember which ones
“reset-all” scared me a little…