How long does it typically take to complete the manual review process?

Hello, my application has been in the manual review process since 2023-12-14 07:42 and it is still in the waiting for manual review status. How long does the general review process usually take for the store? During this time, my iOS, MacOS, and Google App have already been approved, but when I checked today, I noticed that it hasn’t been reviewed yet. What could be the issue here?

Usually a review takes a minimum of a week. Dbus slots are usually quicker because they’re only usually validated for sensibility (i.e that they match the app and aren’t impersonating other apps/services).

Unfortunately, the review team is on holiday until the new year and so it’s unlikely this will be granted before they return.

That said, the review for each slot/plug only happens once ( as long as the plug/slot isn’t renamed or has its attributes changed ), so you won’t have to review the same request twice if it’s granted.

Alright, I got it. Thank you for your explanation. I now have a better understanding of the review process.