How is it that snap-store uses some user themes when other snaps don't?

Is there some special code because of snap-store being the default store in Ubuntu.

These two themes aren’t part of gtk-common-themes snap yet they do work with snap-store. Also I normally use Numix Daily and that one also works.

Although sometimes snap-store is black when I open it and when that happens only the themes from gtk-common-themes snap work.

Which version of Ubuntu are you using (series & flavor)? Can you run snap version?

Also; how many tabs do you have open?


Edit: now that I took a second look at it; it seems like you have Ubuntu Software both as a deb and as a snap installed. The snap is the one with a black screen. The snap store on my system only has one row of recommended apps. I think the deb had two rows.

The black screen definitely looks like a bug, though.

I’m on 20.04 LTS. I installed it in February so it had gnome-software at that time by default. Then I also installed snap-store manually at some point before the archive store transition.

$ snap --version
snap    2.44.3+20.04
snapd   2.44.3+20.04
series  16
ubuntu  20.04
kernel  5.4.0-31-generic

Most of those tabs are inactive. Vivaldi loads only those that you open. Atleast if you have the “delayed loading of tabs” enabled (don’t know if that’s default). And you don’t even see all of them in that screenshot because some are grouped.

Could you try running sudo apt remove ubuntu-software, restarting your computer (or killing ubuntu-software) and try running the snap again?

The black snap-store isn’t a permanent problem. It happens in some sessions. I’m sure if I would restart now and open it in that new session it would be looking as expected.

So I rebooted and snap-store launched with proper theming (Numix Daily theme).

I wonder what goes wrong in those instances where it appears black. Also I’ve seen people posting sreenshots that had it completly transparent or parts of it.

Very weird… Summoning @kenvandine here as he maintains the snap-store.

Any theme that’s included in gtk-common-themes should work fine. We will soon have a mechanism to auto-install additional theme snaps to match the theme you have set.

To see which themes are included:

Yes I know that.

But as you can see from my screenshots and comment I used three themes that aren’t part of that snap package. Yet somehow they are correctly picked up by snap-store.

They really shouldn’t be. Are you using X or Wayland? I’d expect you to get a transparent window.

I’m using Unity so X.

Don’t know what the people from reddit posts were using.

And I get sometimes the black store (third screenshot in this topic) not transparent.

i had a very similar looking issue after upgrading to 20.04 which was totally unrelared to snaps.
Xorg on intel does now use the modesetting xorg server, if you still have the formerly used xserver-xorg-video-intel installed on these systems you might get screen corruption, font issues and theme issues …