How i can install and use other terminal emulator?

trying install foot and alacritty in my ubuntu core desktop but i dont know how working this emulator


Ubuntu Core Desktop isn’t even in beta. It’s currently still in a research stage and exists as a proof of concept. I’m sure everyone here is excited for the progress being made, but the reality is that even the people still working on it wouldn’t be able to give you the answers you keep asking around Snapcraft and the Ubuntu forums because if those answers were already considered and/or implemented it’d be a lot further along than it currently is.

And in the case of the Steam Deck specifically, I’d imagine there’d be an interest in making a Steam Deck specific image once the regular desktop side of things is actually sorted out, since it seems like the kind of thing you’d want specific kernel drivers for & etc.

Unfortunately, this means that the questions you keep asking nobody can answer, and personally I think you’d be better off installing either normal Ubuntu or sticking to SteamOS for your Steam Deck until there’s been time to consider the regular user experience before we dive right into the specific needs of a portable handheld gaming device, which has never been Ubuntu’s focus because the concept literally didn’t even exist for desktop Linux until last year!

I’m sorry if this comes off as dismissive, but having been around making snaps for a new years now, even I wouldn’t consider using Ubuntu Core Desktop as an actual daily driver just yet. It isn’t ready. There might be significant progress by April, but barely anyone outside the people actively developing it would be able to answer specific questions, and since it’s still in heavy development, those answers could change within the span of days/weeks.

In short, if there isn’t already a snap of what you need to install, you’d need to either build the snap yourself or try install them in LXD/a VM, which I doubt is workable for a console; and the Gnome Console in Ubuntu Core Desktop already has specific patches to get it usable for Core Desktop, any other random packages likely don’t.

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may be egoism my want to continue to use distro even though it is still an alpha, and it is good to see support, my goal is not to make (for now) complain of the developers

i know what i’m wearing, i know it won’t be perfect, but if it’s possible in 2024 or in 2025 to go back to the topics that walk were not answered about the ubuntu core desktop, would be grateful

asked about other terminal emulators just because i can’t increase and decrease the letters using shortcut keys

If the shortcuts aren’t working, you might be able to increase the font size like this:

Open the terminal,

Right click and go to preferences (or use the hamburger menu icon).

Access the default terminal profile,

Modify the default text size for this profile.

I can’t guarantee it’d work, but it might be that it’s purely a problem with the keyboard shortcuts and the longer approach works just fine.

i leave only a warning that for now does not work this method

thanks anyway for the help

i will look forward to news about ubuntu core desktop

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This will likely never work on UbuntuCore desktop. It is based on UbuntuCore which simply does not and will likely never allow installation of unconfined (classic) snaps since this would destroy the whole security concept…

Additional terminals will likely be made to work through lxd containers in the future, there it might be possible to have dedicated images that include i.e. the alacrity snap and they should eventually blend in with the desktop seamlessly so that an end-user wull not notice the lxd involvement.