How hard to make strict instead of classic?

Just curious how hard it would be to change vscodium into strict?

If your goal is just make it strict at all costs, then it’d be trivial. Electron snaps work well in strict confinement.

But the user experience of it being an IDE would suffer dramatically, as it won’t work with your natively installed compilers, source control programs; be able to access system headers in their expected places, etc.

And these are basically impossible to solve for all use-cases in a strict snap. The very idea of putting compilers and dev packages and etc into strict snaps, whilst useful in niche contexts; is almost always considered an antipattern in the general case.

So you’d end up with a very functional text editor but with very limited ability to actually use it as an IDE.

That’s all I use it for… A very functional text editor. I use another system… When the “text editor” saves work, another job pushes it to GitHub and github compiles it.

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