How do you find snap-store after installation? It won't show up in any menu

Hello, I’ve installed the snap-store on a Debian testing XFCE4 based distro, but it is no where to be found in any menu. How do I start snap-store?

Thanks for any help, rindi

Though, it should have shown up in the app menu, but can you try this once, and what you get from it.

snap run snap-store

Thanks for the info, but I have found that out already myself, although I didn’t find any proper help for it. I just thought I’d try the “run” command.

But I still can’t find a reason why it isn’t available in a Menu. Maybe the *desktop file which should start the app doesn’t include XFCE or many other desktops. It only seems to be available for Gnome & Unity. I don’t see why it should be limited to those desktops, & why that isn’t mentioned anywhere on the source site.

In my point of view it should be available to all desktops.

It worked in Lubuntu and Xubuntu, as much I had tested.

I installed the snap-store on my Debian testing XFCE4-based distribution, but I’m unable to locate it anywhere in the menu. Despite successful installation, the snap-store application seems to be missing from the expected locations. I’ve searched through various menus and categories, but it simply isn’t there. This has left me wondering how I can start the snap-store and access its features. thanks

snapd extends the XDG_DATA_DIRS variable and adds the search dir for .desktop files of snaps to the end of the list … to make this take effect you have to log out and back in again (or simply reboot) after installing snapd …

did you do that step yet ?