How do I customize distribution list in snap store?

I don’t have a Raspberry Pi device, and so I cannot test on one, but I’ve been told our app doesn’t work on it. My snap app is not intentionally built for ARM.

Is it possible to remove the automatic claim of Raspberry Pi support from my snap app’s listing? Or, is there some simple way of making it work on Raspberry Pi?

I’ve looked through the forum for how to support Raspberry Pi, and what I’m seeing looks complicated, and since I don’t even have a device to test on, I’d think it would be easier to just stop claiming we support it.

So, either way… how can I remove the claim we support it in the list of distributions on the app’s listing page; or else, how can I easily make it supported (without one)?

Close the channels which contain arm builds, then release only the supported architectures into the stable channel?

There are no ARM builds. At least, not to my knowledge. I never intentionally built for ARM. How would I know if I have an ARM build?

Go to the releases page for your snap. / yoursnap / releases

Apologies – I didn’t get notified of your reply. I went to that location in my dashboard and see no ARM builds. Here is what I see.


…and yet I go to the public store page for my app, and here is what I see.


Am I understanding correctly that Raspberry Pi should not be in that list, based on what you’ve told me?

this seems to be confusing users indeed:

@ogra do you have any suggestions on this beyond those mentioned by @popey above? Am I understanding the situation correctly? Is there a simple fix for me?

well, this is a problem with the website design, it tries to offer distribution specific instructions. the prob here is that raspbian is kind of also an architecture statement beyond being a distro … to fix this i guess some code would have to be written to make the distro list conditionally be generated based on possible architectures or somethig similar non-trivial …

you should in any case report it (there should be a link at the bottom of every website helping you to report issues) but i doubt it can be fixed quickly.

It has been reported.

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