How can we download the snap-build assertion or view it on snapcraft store?

I am following the doc: to sign the snap build and upload it to the store. But I am not able to figure out how to view this assertion on store or download it on system. The snap download <snap-name> downloads the .assert file, but it contains all assertion types except snap-build assertion.

This might be a bug in snap download, I would expect snap download to also download the snap-build assertion, but you can also use snap known snap-build --remote series=16 snap-sha3-384=<sha> to get the assertion manually

I suspect (without really knowing) that it’s not a bug. The build assertion isn’t needed to install the snap and once you have the snap declaration and snap revision assertions the snap build assertion is sort of superfluous, right?

The snap-build assertion is important when you are uploading but afterwards not as much?

Or at least, that’s how it seems to me.

In fact, this line from the docs is telling:

Currently, the only usage of this assertion is to provide traceability between publisher and snap. It is not checked by snapd or other parts of the system.

As the documentation explains the support is limited. Currently they don’t quite solve one of their initial use cases which is fully independent verifiability. We are still considering how to solve that.

I guess it’s not even technically used/needed there.