How can I see all snaps in snapcraft store

Hi, I am trying to see all snaps but, I can not do it. Some help?

You can’t. Not all snaps in the snapcraft store are public, not all public snaps are published, not all published public snaps are user-grade (so won’t show up in general searches), not all user-grade published public snaps are suitable for the device querying the store.

Lastly, from a merely practical point of view, letting the store return all snaps would allow a rogue client to consume too much time and too many resources, for no benefit to the general user base.

I see. Thanks for your answer. I am some curious, the uappexplorer has not the same purpose that snap-store? I thought both stores has the same focus.:sweat_smile:

uappexplorer can’t show you all snaps either.

:slightly_smiling_face: Ok thanks