How can I receive an alert when a new version of a Snap is released?

I would like to receive alerts when particular Snap packages are updated. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find an embedded RSS feed or something like that on the store page.

Is there a recommended way to do this? I want to receive update notifications so that I can ensure the Snap is updated on all of my devices (some without permanent internet, so the auto-updates don’t work).

If the upstream maintainer publishes their build process/logs, I can probably get the information from there, but in many cases they do not publish this information.

from the ubuntu phone days there is:

which lists snaps too and has an RSS feed … until the snap store itself offers RSS feeds you can likely resort to this …

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There’s also my own which lists snaps in the order they arrived into the store. It doesn’t currently allow getting the snaps by last updated time, though. I’ll take this as an enhancement request :slight_smile:

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