How can I Move Snaps from one pc to another without redownloading them again

Is there any way to move Snaps from one pc to another without redownloading them again

I assume when you say “without re-downloading” you mean not using the snap store, and just installing from an existing file. You can copy the .snap file, and use the following command to install it:

sudo snap install --dangerous <snapname>.snap

If you have an ssh connection to the other computer, you can copy it via scp. (Add the -i tag if you are using an ssh key)

scp -i <path_to_ssh_key> <local_source_file> <username>@<IP address or hostname>:<file_destination>

You can fetch the snap and the corresponding assertions. Following that you can snap ack the assertion and snap install the .snap file. This is indistinguishable from a store installation.

Unlike the comment about --dangerous install which is different, will get different interface connections and will never refresh.


thank you first of all ,
I meant that i’ve downloaded many programs using snap store. can i copy the snap folder in the root directory into another pc to have same programs without downloading them

Mind shed some light on how to achieve this?

You can use snap known but I’ll honestly say I don’t know how to do this of the top my head.

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No you can’t, the stuffs in the /snap directory are virtual directories mounted from images from /var/lib/snapd/snaps

In addition to this there is significant state maintained by snapd as well.

You really must install the package on another machine separately, though you can avoid the download overhead using the technique I described above.

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Oh, I forgot to minion. @chipaca is working on improvements to snap download so you can “download” a snap you have installed instantly, without any network ops. This will give you the very convenient pair of .snap and .assert files that you can copy and install anywhere.

I’m really not though. You’re thinking of

which is not, a priori, going to get exposed via snap download.


Thanks for everyone replied on the this question. but my question is out of the scope you all are talking.
I’ll repeat my question in simple form
I have downloaded many programs using snap store okay , and now I want to reinstall linux , is there any way to move my packages ( cloning them ) to perfectly as they were in older linux. ?!

packages = programs i’ve downloaded such as pyCharm , android studio …