How can I find my published snaps long time ago?

I can’t find my published snaps from .

I published douban-fm and electronic-wechat from at 2017 .

Now I found that the publish site was moved to snapcraft . I sign in my account with Ubuntu One, but I can’t find and manage my Apps any more?
Who can help me? If any Admin here can help me, please contact me with . Thank you.

I see them in the store web UI and on the command line, so they are there. You appear to have two store accounts, which is the issue.

Your existing snaps (below) are under store account 1VcmnG5c4TjwisaCR723qOM1QKJrixyv (ubuntu-dawndiy) but you also have account HR7MABQbXptJjPv7vr4bJ1oY4aq6Ya91 (dawndiy). The former uses a 163(dot)com email address, the latter uses your gmail address. You probably need to login with the ‘other’ account to see your dashboard.

Perhaps the store team can also help you merge / migrate snaps around if necessary.

name:      douban-fm
summary:   Douban FM for Ubuntu.
publisher: DawnDIY (ubuntu-dawndiy)
license:   GPL-3.0
description: |
  An unofficial client of Douban FM. You can select the channels you like
  to play songs and share it to Sina Weibo.
snap-id: edNlD31QnqVCHcvybu1ik6d6f36iapvJ
  stable:    0.3.0 2017-05-17 (1) 198MB -
  candidate: ↑                          
  beta:      ↑                          
  edge:      ↑   
alan@KinkPad-K450:~$ snap info electronic-wechat
name:      electronic-wechat
summary:   A better WeChat on macOS and Linux. Built with Electron.
publisher: DawnDIY (ubuntu-dawndiy)
license:   MIT
description: |
  Electronic WeChat is a unoffical WeChat client. A better WeChat on
  macOS and Linux. Built with Electron.
snap-id: DWaTopqs8HdUGdEu7ZvOzVXO27lqSOTy
  stable:    2.0   2017-05-17 (7) 265MB -
  candidate: 1.4.0 2017-05-17 (4) 163MB -
  beta:      1.4.0 2017-05-17 (4) 163MB -
  edge:      1.4.0 2017-05-17 (2) 163MB -