How can I add ubuntu-restricted-extra to my snap package

How can I add ubuntu-restricted-extra to my snap package?

by adding it to your stage-packages ?

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What do you want to achieve by doing so in the first place?

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I would like to fix this snap that is broken right now !

How is that snap has anything to do with the ubuntu-restricted-extra package?

These are the related commentary

You should first of all add the desktop plug to your apps section (that gives your snap access to fontconfig) and since your snap requires GTK3 i’d suggest to also use one of the gnome extensions, that will make sure you have a default set of fonts, themes and settings everywhere … IIRC it also helps with setting the proper locale of your snap …

There is no need for your snap to ship ubuntu-restricted-extras at all for the problems described in the github issue, just make sure the integration with the host works correctly instead …

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