hiDPI and electron _webapps_ (specifically RocketChat Desktop) issues

Upon first use everything works fine, and it works again and again and again until all of the sudden it doesn’t.
The image should summarize this pretty much:

As you can see, I am missing the bottom part of the app, size changes of the web view or the window don’t effect the desired change. So far I have been wiping ~/snap/rocketchat-desktop/ and starting over.

Are there any security denials?

No, none. I suspect this is the local-to-the-snap gsettings/gconf/dconf (whatever rename is the latest) that is affecting this.

I wonder how any app is supposed to learn about the DPI-ness of the display. Is that conveyed through X11 (somehow doubtful given the level of hackiness) or via a (probably set of) environment variables? Is it a signal you get via dbus via something in gconf or is it all of those plus something I didn’t think about, depending on the technology.

As an observation some things react to DPI scaling changes in real time while others have to be restarted. Some things scale by multiples of integer value while others can do fractional parts.

I’m surprised I haven’t ran into this on my laptop with it’s HiDPI display.

I’ve notice the cursor is always tiny. But surprisingly hasn’t done this to me yet