Hidamari - finally a working and SIMPLE video wallpaper app for Linux

There is no snap for Komorebi either, and Komorebi seems not so straight forward and user friendly. Hidamari is for Wayland, too.

Currently there is no easy way to get a live animated wallpaper on Ubuntu.

Hidamari is written in Python. There is a flatpak, but installing flatpak support on Ubuntu is dreadful and requires terminal, which no new user will do. Most use what is in the Ubuntu Software. I think we need these little details and treats such as live wallpaper on Ubuntu found and installed simply.

The Hidamari developer has been contacted and he is for a snap package, but will not do it himself: https://github.com/jeffshee/hidamari/issues/71 :sunny:


It really is simple. Just what people need. I hope this comes into fruition.