Hi! I'm unable to run Okular document reader on Centos via Snap

Hello to all you folks on this forum!
I tried to install Okular document reader via snap on my CentOS 7

cat /etc/centos-release yields

CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core)

My objective was to read some djvu files from my old archives, which I read could be managed with the OKULAR reader.
To that end I installed okular via snap using the steps from this link.

Only difference is that I did not restart my machine but just logged off and logged on again, perhaps after completing the last step (rather than before).

Current status:
I see Okular installed in CentOS menu (Applications > Office > Okular) but clicking it does no good.
I also see it installed as Applications > Graphics > Okular (there are two okulars - one for the graphics one, with the identical logo as on this webpage. https://okular.kde.org/

The Applications> office > Okular has a very standard logo replicated for instance in Applications> System tools > Nepomuk

Please help me figure out and correct what has gone wrong with my installation.


there is a bug link on (note my link differs from yours, even though the forum makes it look the same), so you should report it through this bug tracker to the snap packagers.

Thanks, but ‘This’ bug tracker refers to which one ?

To the contact link that the packager has set up to contact him/her on that page …