Helping with cross-compilation issues

We are building on top of snaps, especially for the IoT use case. One issue today is to allow third-party developers to be able to build those snaps on their host computer and quickly test on the target hardware (RPi or IMX8 platform). The only option today is M1 Macs.

We would rather allow people using Linux or Windows to be able to build those snaps as well. I am writing to inquire if we can work together with the Snapcraft team to be able to figure out the roadblocks in cross-compilation. Initially we are most interested in npm and python and go plugins but in the long run all plugins should work.

Apart from those there are a number of proposals that we’d like to see implemented.

  1. Allow option to NOT stop the multipass container after a snap is built/failed, this will allow for rapid iterations.
  2. When cleaning an individual part (snapcraft clean ), don’t wait for the internet connectivity in the container/vm, this is redundant and wastes time.

Those may as well be discussed in launchpad but I wanted to put them out here first.

The ultimate goal is to make app development experience for snaps FAST

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