Help with snap for hledger

Hi, I hope this is the right place to seek help on creating a new snap.

I’m a newbie trying to package hledger: hledger[dot]org, a cli-based double-entry accounting software written in Haskell, as a snap, along side a few ‘add-ons’.

I found this guide on packaging Haskell apps as snaps. However, I’m not making much progress on packaging hledger: gist.github[dot]com/the-solipsist/d3e64bb472da2417296b35f02ab1eca3. I’d also like to package some of hledger’s add-ons, including hledger-iadd.

Here’s the official hledger installation manual: hledger[dot]org/download.html#b.-build-the-latest-release, if that helps.