Help with Flutter snapstore Build

I’m building a flutter snap app. I followed the instructions on Build and release a Linux app to the Snap Store | Flutter

I was able to install ``` multipass

I noticed a few things:
The `snapcraft` command was building in sudo mode and there were warnings.
I have it built.
It seems that there is a /root/snap/flutter installation of flutter even though I have a manual install of this.  It looks like there are two installations?  Why?

It seems that multipass is loading on boot.  How to stop this?
It seems that snap commands are not found nor can I install the check tools.  I think that this is because of multipass?

I have problems with the uploading of the snap that I built and registered.
It says that dbus not found.  I copied the yaml similar to the documentation.
Do I need dbus?  I don't understand it nor does my app need to communicate with others.