Help please: kubectl + doctl strictly confined

I’ve noticed that many other projects that interact with kubectl use classic confinement (as does kubectl itself.) I also saw a request for a kubernetes-config interface back in February. I think a k8s-config interface would be a much better solution than each snap wrestling with personal-files. I’ve also run into a situation which can’t be solved cleanly using that interface.

I really don’t want to revert this snap to classic for one aspect of it’s behavior, when I have everything else working in strict.

I’m working on getting doctl, in a strictly confined snap, compatible with kubectl.

I’ve worked through most of the problem using personal-files.

The problem I’m having is that

doctl k8s cluster kubeconfig save <k8s_cluster>

is setting the command in ~/.kube/config to the command called by the launcher, rather than
the name of the doctl command itself.


- name: do-sfo2-fred2-admin
      - kubernetes
      - cluster
      - kubeconfig
      - exec-credential
      - --version=v1beta1
      - 12345dfa-whatever
      command: doctl.real
      env: null

I’m using the launcher so that I can share the doctl and kubectl config files with kubectl.

If I manually edit ~/.kube/config to replace doctl.real with doctl everything works fine.

An example of the errors I see:

hilary@doctl-snap:~$ kubectl --context do-sfo2-fred2 get nodes
Unable to connect to the server: getting credentials: exec: exec: "doctl.real": executable file not found in $PATH

The value for users: user: exec: command: is set as os.Args[0] here.

I think the problem arises because command-doctl.wrapper execs the launcher.

Is there a known solution? Am I doing something wrong? I would really appreciate some help.

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It sounds like doctl simply needs to be a little smarter either about how it is calculating its name, perhaps by looking for if SNAP is set in the environment and using ‘doctl’. Another option would be to have bin/doctl-launch exec (in the bash sense) a thing called doctl rather than doctl.real.

I thought about looking to see if SNAP is set in the environment. I’m not thrilled about that hack, but I’m open to it.

Wouldn’t having bin/doctl-launch exec a thing called doctl cause an infinite loop?