Help needed - app (qt4 + python-gtk2) in snap

I am a maintainer of the AceStream snap package (Player (qt4) + Engine (python-gtk2)). I am preparing an improved version of the snap package for this program.

AceStream Player is VLC version 2.1.4 (qt4) + patches. I learned the experience of VLC developers for version 3.x (qt5), but I cannot achieve the ideal result because of the serious differences between qt5 and qt4.

Using desktop-launch, I achieved the following results:

  1. Ubuntu 18.04 GNOME. The player (qt4) has a beautiful appearance and beautiful dialog boxes. The engine (python-gtk2) looks beautiful in the system tray and has an excellent dialog box.

  2. Kubuntu 18.04. The player has a beautiful appearance and decent dialog boxes. The engine looks awful in the system tray and does not have a beautiful dialog box.

  3. Xubuntu 18.04. The player has not a beautiful appearance and not beautiful dialog boxes. The engine looks great in the system tray and has not a beautiful dialog box.

New test version of snapcraft.yaml

Do I understand correctly that I should use gtk2-common-themes from the developer James Henstridge? But how will this help me?

or ask the user to execute the following commands in the Terminal:
sudo snap install gtk-common-themes
sudo snap connect acestreamplayer: gtk-2-themes gtk-common-themes: gtk-2-themes

I’m confused in the head mess. Help me please!
Sorry for my english.

The gtk-common-themes and gtk2-common-themes snaps should help a bit for your app.

With that said, we’re not yet shipping all the themes needed for these particular configurations. Kubuntu is using KDE’s default “breeze” theme, and Xubuntu is using XFCE’s “greybird” theme. Both seem like decent candidates to include in the common themes snap.

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The situation is much more complicated and it is not enough just to add the package greybird-gtk-theme =(
advice helped me

~ /.config/Trolltech.conf


What I mean is that updating your snap to plug gtk-common-themes is not enough if gtk-common-themes doesn’t provide XFCE’s default theme.

We’ll look at adding the missing themes, so I’d still recommend you still look at updating your snap to use gtk-common-themes, and we’ll work on making sure it includes the missing themes.


@vasilisc dude, can you tell me how can I change the options of the start-engine script? I used to start it with the RAM cached in another distro
right now I can’t do that due to the ro mounted folder… and I’m too lazy to create any script to watch and clean the cache dir of the acestream