Help! Firefox browser wont start after Ubuntu update!

This is the 2nd computer which has Firefox broken now for me after an update! Heres what is in terminal (attempting clicking ff open does not do anything or say anything):

/snap/firefox/1498/snap/command-chain/desktop-launch: line 52: /home/neonia/.config/user-dirs.dirs: Permission denied ERROR: not connected to the gnome-3-38-2004 content interface.

I then went to Ubuntu Software. I noticed that there are updates thouig i just updated the whole system, and the update is indeed Firefox.

Clicking update then but no go: “firefox update failed: status-code=409 kind=snap-change-conflict message=snap “firefox” has “auto-refresh” change in progress”

you can now look at snap changes and get more detail with snap change <ID> to see if it finished or if an error occured or some such …