Help building Apache 2 snap

I building a snap for which I need the following:

  • apache 2
  • tomcat 8
  • SSL Cert from Lets Encrypt using certbot.

A snap from tomcat 8 already exist and I’m going to have a crack at certbot.

Apache is the problem.

Can anyone point me at any resources that would help me get apache into a snap?


You could have a look at @kyrofa 's Nextcloud snap which bundles Apache and something for Let’s Encrypt. I think the difficulty would be in getting Apache to look for its configuration in a non read-only location.

Yeah, Nextcloud uses both Apache and Let’s Encrypt. Feel free to check it out here. There is also a blog series discussing each component of the initial snap. It’s grown a bit since then, but it does discuss how Apache was snapped.

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OK thanks, I will have a look.