Hello-world snap gives "cannot bind-mount the mount namespace file" on Debian testing

I am getting similar symptoms to those described in an older forum post, but on a newer kernel and snapd.

Bear in mind this is my first ever experience with snapd and snaps in general, so please excuse any misunderstandings on my part.

$ /snap/bin/hello-world
cannot bind-mount the mount namespace file /proc/4674/ns/mnt -> hello-world.mnt: Permission denied
support process for mount namespace capture exited abnormally

This is running on Debian testing, with snapd 2.27.6-2. Kernel is 4.14.

Please let me know what further diagnostic info is needed, thanks in advance for assistance.

Hey there!

Debian testing as in sid or stretch? On Debian Stretch I’m seeing 4.9 and snapd 2.30 (via re-exec) and the hello snap works correctly. On Debian Sid I’m seeing 4.14 and snapd 2.6.27-2 (no reexec) and hello … breaks.

I think that 2.30 contains a fix for this issue but it’s not packaged yet.

Hi, this is Debian Sid. I guess I’ll wait for an update to snapd. Thanks for the prompt response!

We’ll find someone to do the update. Thanks and sorry!

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