Heads' up on another impending name change in the store

Right, as I mentioned in a thread under the Forum tag, I’m changing my name again to Lucy Llewellyn with username lucyllewy. I’ve decided that staying with a derivative of my deadname was a mistake, and would like to move further away from it with Lucy.

Unlike the forum I don’t need help from any store admins, but I wanted to let the store team know that this is coming soon and to watch out for any issues. It means we’ll be able to really test the updated authentication code to ensure that user details are truly fixed to the most recent version and don’t revert again when using older auth tokens.

I know we’ve done this dance before, and I’m sorry I chose a name that ultimately I wasn’t happy with previously. Hopefully this time I’ll stick to it. Turns out choosing a name for yourself is hard!


Lucy! No worries, we will support you in any way we can, do let us know if the store misbehaves during name change operations.

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It looks like it’s taken for now. Let’s keep an eye out in case it decides to revert. I have faith in y’all’s dev work and that the fix that has been added should hold :heart:

I’m guessing this is just a caching issue?

My page at https://snapcraft.io/publisher/lucyllewy hasn’t been populated. Instead my name has been altered at https://snapcraft.io/publisher/diddledani. The links on each snap package, tho, point to the first one (e.g. the link on OpenRA).

Presumably this will resolve as cron jobs fire?

@Lukewh can probably take a look tomorrow morning - I’m not too familiar with publisher pages so I don’t know if it’s a matter of a cron job somewhere. I’ll follow up tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Everything looks to be cache-cleared from the frontend. @roadmr we call GET https://api.snapcraft.io/v2/snaps/find?q=&category=&publisher=lucyllewy&fields=title,summary,media,publisher for publisher pages – looks like this is returning 0 snaps. Are there any caches on your end?

Also, Lucy is a great name – I’m a big fan of any L* name :smiley:

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Got it, looks like the name change didn’t propagate to the find service.

Try it now?

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Is that something that needs to be looked into for “future people”? I promise I have no intention of testing this again myself :sweat_smile:

Gimme an L! Gimme an anything that makes a name after the L!

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