Headless setup of multiple RPis

So I have a bunch of RPis that will be running Ubuntu Core, all of them are going to use the same SSO credentials. The set up of every RPi requires me to connect to every one of them to a screen and a keyboard, which is a tedious process I would like to avoid.

Is there any way one could “pre-set” the setup steps on the Ubuntu Core image, allowing me to just boot up my RPis and be done with it?

Or possible finish the setup by SSHing into the RPis (but that would require that the SSO credentials are in place I suppose?).


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you can use a user-assertion from an usb key to push the user credetials in (that will then allow you to ssh) …

the wired NIC is defaulting to DHCP so it should automatically get an IP assigned (if you run completely headless you want to watch your dhcpd logs to see what IP has been handed to the device)