Has anyone restored a snapshot to another machine even different hardware?

I have a few Nextcloud servers and would like to restore/Upgrade a Nextcloud instance to a bigger machine.

I also have a few nextcloud servers hosted on temporary virtual machines as well and I would like to transfer them to have an offline copy machine.

I also use it as a Plex media server and have spent quite some time in configuring it to bypass default login to plex.tv every time you clear the cookies.

nextcloud                  25.0.3snap2                 33587  latest/stable    nextcloud✓    -

obs-studio 27.1.3 1284 latest/stable snapcrafters - plexmediaserver 351 latest/stable plexinc✓ - plexmediaserver 345 latest/stable plexinc✓ disabled snap-store 41.3-66-gfe1e325 638 latest/stable/… canonical✓ - snap-store 41.3-60-gfe4703a 582 latest/stable/… canonical✓ disabled snapd 2.58.2 18357 latest/stable canonical✓ snapd snapd 2.58 17950 latest/stable canonical✓ snapd,disabled snapd-desktop-integration 0.1 14 latest/stable/… canonical✓ disabled snapd-desktop-integration 0.1 49 latest/stable/… canonical✓ - spotify 60 latest/stable spotify✓ - vlc 3.0.18 3078 latest/stable videolan✓ -

If this domain is blocked some snap commands have errors.

 snapd[1308]: storehelpers.go:769: cannot refresh: snap has no updates a>

forum-snapcraft-io.s3.amazonaws.com forum-snapcraft-io.s3.amazonaws.com Exact whitelist Added from Query Log Default

From my Pi-hole.

Thanks for making snaps. Saves me a lot of time over the last 4 years.

You can restore an exported snapshot on a different machine. This replicates system, user and configurations data for your combination of snaps. See data-locations. Note, a different user would not have access to user specific data from the snapshot.