Has anyone created a snap package with WINE & .NET bundled?

I’m looking to package a Windows application that requires .NET 4.6 and runs well enough in Wine. I have seen that Wine has been packaged with snap, but what about Wine with a .NET environment? I have previously tried doing this with AppImage and got stuck, so I’m exploring other alternatives.

Have you tried possibly using winetricks to install? I haven’t tried it, but you should be able to run it as a scriptlet in install or build stages in your snapcraft.yaml.

It is something I would like to see if it works.

I have never done this, but here is an idea.

You might be better off creating the full setup in an isolated bottle and then exporting it.
While building the snap, you’d insert the wine runtime and its dependencies, following that import the bottle.

where is wine.snap, i never saw it?

@ogra made a ‘highly experimental’ wine snap See Is it possible to build Wine with Snappy?

snapcraft will continue with this work?

No, @ogra simply made a proof-of-concept-of-sorts. Up to someone to continue it if they wish :slight_smile:

The wine2 snap that @ogra made requires devmode confinement at the moment. It would need a little work to make it strictly confined, which would make it 1000x more useful, as it could be used then for delivering windows apps/games in the stable channel.


I think I was discussing this on Twitter or somewhere with someone and they thought it would better to get POL (4 or 5) or, I suppose, Lutris snapped, rather than snap Wine so we can deliver Windows apps/games direct…that was just one opinion though, that trying to snap them direct would be unnecessary duplication of work and misleading because certain games wouldn’t work as people expect. I still think that perhaps it would be worthwhile, to get games that do work with Wine snapped straight into the store and then presumably we’d be able to make it work so that their Wine versions can be updated as the programs update, meaning that even fast-changing games like League of Legends or Overwatch could be ensured, via snappy, to work the majority of the time.