Hardware requirements on snap applications are too big

I am very sad. I have installed snap version of Mozilla Firefox. But if I open more number of tabs, more webpages, my computer freeze.

I use dual boot – I have Ubuntu and Windows 10 on the same PC. But If I open in Mozilla Firefox a lof of webbages on a lot of tabs on Windows, I have issue with freeze.

My computer have 4 GB RAM, and I use HDD (no SSD).

And if I use snap Skype, I have similar issue, If I open more applications in the same moment.

Can you please repair in new resale of snap?

Thank you very much

I suspect that has nothing to do with the fact that it’s a snap.

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kyrofa: is no possible change Snap system in update for solution of my issue? I am not programmer, but I believe that yes.
With .deb system I have not this issue / problem.

Reason of this issue: my hypothesis: combination, if I have open .deb and snap applications in the same moment, it make big requimentes on hardware. It is true or not?

(And sorry for me English)

The snap version does use more memory resources as its libraries are not shared with the host system, however this is the nature of Appimage/Flatpak/Snap apps. that is not likely to be “solved”.

The sane resolution is to stick to the Deb version of the applications, or upgrade your hardware.

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Also note that Ubuntu and Microsoft does ship the latest Mozilla Firefox and Skype via Debian packages, there’s little reason to use the snap distribution.

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I have the same problem with Cromium. I solved by removing Cromium snap and installed the “.deb” version.
Also I have 4 GB of ram

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Thank you very much for help boys