Handling Preview Snaps that don't maintain their expected update schedule

Are there policies in place for dealing with (Preview-like) Snaps that don’t respect their updating expectations?

Like, reassign developers if it’s held by Snapcrafters, notify developers that they should probably change aspects of their snap such as a reduced risk-level, etc…

I have mentioned about Android Studio Canary before since it appears highly misleading. It has not been keeping up with the Canary Releases at all for the whole 4.2 releases. Since it isn’t even updating based on Android Studio Canary builds, the name is misleading, too.

It seems like if Preview-like software is not being maintained, then there should be policies in place to either maintain the snap as expected or to remove unmaintained Preview-like snaps


Thanks for the ping about android-studio-canary. Most snaps under snapcrafters are updated on a pretty timely basis. This one hasn’t been, sorry about that. I have just pushed the latest release. Once back at work on Tuesday, I’ll look into improving the automation and notifications for that snap.

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Just curious. Don’t you think a better name would be android-studio-preview? Just like is seen at the Android Studio download page? This snap is for canary, but would it also deal with beta and release candidates? Or no?

Following up on this, the Android Studio Canary snap still does not pull the canary version of Android Studio. I have made an issue about this on GitHub ~ 1 week ago, and there is a PR from mid-January that correctly grabs the most recent version of Android Studio Canary.

Android Studio Canary 2021.1.1 Canary 2 is in the edge channel. I don’t know why it’s not in the stable channel yet. You could snap refresh android-studio-canary --edge to switch in the meantime.

  latest/stable:   2021-04-07 (25)   1GB classic
  latest/candidate: ↑                                
  latest/beta:   2021-04-07 (25)   1GB classic
  latest/edge:      2021.1.1.2 2021-06-10 (29) 973MB classic