Handbrake: files from /mnt

I’m using the handbrake (handbrake-jz) snap - but I have trouble with accessing files from any of my /mnt-mounted disks. I can only access stuff from /

How can I give Handbrake access to my other disks?

connect the removable-media interface and mount your external disks under /media … alternatively you can create bind mounts for them from /mnt into /media

there is work going on to allow /mnt from the removable-media interface too, but i dont think that has landed yet …

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I’m the maintainer of handbrake-jz and since the subject came up, I would like to ask for the users’ opinion. The upstream Handbrake project started distributing a flatpak release of their software and I’m thus considering discontinuing handbrake-jz, since it seems to be redundant now. There could be reasons to keep the snap package around, however, specifically I can see four:

  • It can be used on systems that support snap but not flatpak (does such a distro even exist, though?);
  • Someone appreciates the snap’s stricter sandboxing compared to the flatpak package’
  • Unless I’m missing something, the flatpak package doesn’t include the command line interface to Handbrake, and someone deems it useful; and/or
  • AFAIK the flatpak is x86/64 only and someone needs support for other archs.

What are people’s thoughts about this? Is it worth keeping a non-upstream package?
No snap vs flatpak flames please. Remember that most distros, and especially Ubuntu and derivatives, can seamlessly use both formats at the same time.

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Maybe transfer the snap to the Snapcrafters organization then?

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it is quite some effort to make flatpak work on my 16.04 (and dont ask about 14.04 :slight_smile: ) … i havent tried flatpak on 18.04 but i bet it isnt much better there … i do have snaps out of the box on all newer ubuntu systems (and most derivatives).

i do personally prefer snaps over flatpaks because they offer me server and cli apps while flatpak is only able to deliver some desktop apps to me, so i normally dont bother to enable flatpak at all and i dont know if i would take the effort just to get handbrake.

as an upstream snaps are close to zero maintenance effort for me. after creating the initial snapcraft.yaml, builds typically happen fully automatic on build.snapcraft.io (yes, i need to test what lands in the edge channel and click a button or call snapcraft release when a new version comes out, but thats where my maintenance burden ends). if upstream is really reluctant to take the snap and you do not want to keep maintaining it, then i’m fully with @Lin-Buo-Ren here, hand it to snapcrafters and have the community take care …

that said, i’m indeed also biased as someone working with snaps on a daily base (though i tried to write the above with the least bias i could :wink: )