H264 encoder

I am running a dotnet application that needs to access the video H264 encoder.

Does the “Ubuntu Core 18” have the Broadcom firmware and necessary libraries ?

using FM.LiveSwitch;
using H264 = FM.LiveSwitch.H264;
H264.Utility.GetNaluLength(buffer, index);

I am using connections: camera vcio


you need to ship the vc4 libs yourself from its own part in snapcraft.yaml, then using the opengl interface in your app should allow access to the devices that the rpi bootloader firmware for de/encoding offers …

take a look at the vc-libs part here:


I already had userland in Snap 2.

I installed the below connection into Snap 2, and the problem still exists.

Snap 2 contains: my dotnnet project, raspivid, userland
fyi raspivid works
The connections are:
snap connections frozenmountain-doorking
Interface Plug Slot Notes
camera frozenmountain-doorking:camera :camera manual
hardware-observe frozenmountain-doorking:hardware-observe :hardware-observe manual
network frozenmountain-doorking:network :network -
network-bind frozenmountain-doorking:network-bind :network-bind -
opengl frozenmountain-doorking:opengl :opengl -

Snap 1, contains “dotnet core”

Snap 2, starts by
/snap/dotnet/current/dotnet ${SNAP}/‘DoorKing.RPi.Core.dll’

I wonder if Snap 1 will need userland ?

ah, you did not talk about two snaps in your initial post … it might indeed be that the dotnet runtime needs the libs and interface connection available as well (my dotnet experience is close to zero).

is there a particular reason that you keep them separated ?

you could use dotnet as a stage-snap so everything is executed in the same environment.