Gweled snap not working and CPU 100%

Hi everyone. I created the snap for the game Gweled but attempt to run it, while I don’t get any errors on console, no window are showed and the CPU go at 100%.

The snapcraft page: Install Gweled on Linux | Snap Store

There the repository with the snapcraft.yaml: lp:~dnax88/gweled/+git/gweled-snap : Git : Code : Gweled

The only differences with another app that I packaged are the use of Clutter and sound output. I don’t recall any possible infininte loop and the start of the application.

Might be something going wrong inside the application due to environment differences

For sure it’s something like that. I already packaged in Flatpak and seems fine. Also I don’t see what different can be from another GTK app that I already packaged.

I was expecting various errors but not that behavior.

I also asked here because I don’t know what to check anymore.