Guardrail (TCG) request for home-assistant-snap


Requesting TFG for the snap home-assistant-snap.

I guess the subject for the regex is read out from the version field in the snapcraft.yaml, which has the following structure: YYYY.MM.patch (e.g 2024.3.1) and each version should have a release in a channel/track as follows: YYYY.MM (e.g 2024.3), and should therefore be something like this:

^\d{4}\.\d{1,2}\.\d+$ - but not completely sure, as the «patch» field is never used in the channel/track name.

Getting this approved will ease the creation of tracks, which is about 12 tracks per year. See this thread for reference.

Thank you in advance.

FYI, there is a home-assistant named snap which has never had a release published. It’s a shame you’re having to use home-assistant-snap as the name for your package. It would be way nicer and less tautologous to have home-assistant than home-assistant-snap as the snap name.

I registered it years ago, but we never got the snap working. Happy to hand it over if you want to migrate to a better sounding snap name :slight_smile:


Hello, If the patch will not be used, I’ld suggest to use ^\d{4}\.\d{1,2}, if this looks good I’ll create the guardrail when you confirm it



Yes, it’s been up to debate on the forum before why I choose to use the -snap naming (it wasn’t available), and for sure it would be better to have the correct name.

If you are willing to hand it over, I would appreciate that.

It would be awesome if a snap package just could have been renamed, instead of asking users to move over. I will need some time to make it possible for users to easily move their data (slots/plugs), but that’s something I can start working on soon.

How do we proceed with transferal?

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This looks good.

Thank you.

I think we can just ask the store team (likely a separate request in this forum category would be best) to do the move. Tag me on the question and I will confirm, then they can do their stuff.


The track creation guardrail has been created.


@veretok is there any documentation on the TCG feature?

@alexmurray looks like the documentation is on the charmhub side: How to create a track for your charm - doc - Charmhub but it applies to both snaps and charms the same

@degville can you advise on how best to document this feature for the snap store? I can have a go at writing something if you like but would appreciate some guidance - I guess I could create a new topic here that just reuses a lot of the contents from that page (assuming it is applicable as @verterok suggests above).

@verterok When the transferal is complete (ref) for the snap home-assistant, would you be so kind to also apply this TCG for that snap too? Same versioning. Same regex.

Thank you in advance.

// Joachim


TCG created for home-assistant snap.


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