GTK's File-Open dialog does not show any "Ohter Locations" (gvfs)

i just installed the Visual Studio Code snap via the ubuntu store and wanted to open a directory i had mounted from a remote machine via ssh in nautilus. in a deb-installed code instance i would go to file->open folder and then click on “Other locations” on the left side in the standard gnome file open dialog. there i would see all current GVFS mounts on my machine. However, in the snap version this section does only show my local filesystem’s root as “Computer” but no other mounts.

i tried the same in the remmina snap that i’m running when trying to import a file i get the same issue, also there the the “Ohter Locations” view is empty.

code uses the --classic confinement which does not seem to help here.

i can access my gvfs mounts by browsing to /run/user//gvfs though.

any idea how to fix the “other locations” view?