Gtk2-demo not working

I’m playing with snap to package a GTK2 application, and it doesn’t work. I’ve found that not even the example in the Snap Store works:

sudo snap install gtk2-demo --edge
error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Ensure prerequisites for "gtk2-demo" are available (no snap revision available as specified)

Any idea what’s wrong here? Any workarounds I can try?

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I can reproduce this issue.

/cc @jamesh

The gtk2-demo package tries to plug a content interface from gtk2-common-themes, which we haven’t yet published to stable. Presumably that’s the prerequisite it is complaining about.

Try manually installing the edge version of gtk2-common-themes first:

snap install --edge gtk2-common-themes

You will probably need to switch to the edge channel of gtk-common-themes too:

snap refresh --edge gtk-common-themes

We hadn’t published this all to stable, since it was still going through reviews to allow auto-connection. I suppose we’re now at a point where we can publish to stable and start recommending people use these interfaces.

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