GTK apps and slots required with human review

Today I have pushed two snaps metadata-cleaner and rnotes to have slots for dbus, to remove the apparmor dbus denial issue. But, after all this time, I found that almost every GTK based app will need that. That’s why, I think it should be allowed without any human review. I’ll request the snapcrafters team to kindly consider this and allow the slots to my snaps.

@ogra kindly allow those slots to autoconnetc.

I’m not in the review team… and generally a review can take two weeks by definition…

Granting use of the well-known DBus name, “fr.romainvigier.MetadataCleaner”, to metadata-cleaner snap and Dbus name “com.github.flxzt.rnote” to rnotes snap

This is now live


Thanks for your grant. That’s really quick

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Kindly allow the same for paper also, please.

I am making such requests in forum, so that things can be done fast in the snap world. Particularly for the GTK based apps, development of which seriously needs to be paced up.

I have granted the use of the well-known DBus name: io.posidon.Paper to the paper snap.

Usually dbus well-known names related requests do not require a forum topic to be created and should be processed during a 5-7 days timeline (they still need human review, but no voting is required).

You could send money, so there can be more people hired to work on the reviews :wink: (it is really a matter of manpower, which is why the time-lines are set up as they are … (normal review up to two weeks, dbus review up to one week as emilia said)).

It does not help to be pushy about it, most reviewers have to also do reviews for other projects, not only the snaps in the global store and they will do them once they get to it, processing the various queues in order …

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Sorry about, I’m extremely sorry.

It’s still 3 years left for my B.Tech degree in CS to complete. After that I myself can join the company, if canonical likes my skills :wink:

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Hello @emitorino, sorry to bother again, I have published two new snaps share-preview & cozy, both needed dbus slot and cozy needs mpris. Kindly allow them. Thanks in Advance.

I have just granted both of these.

Thanks…Actually, I posted them, 3-4 days ago, so asked. Thanks again

@alexmurray can you kindly allow the snap video-trimmer with dbus slot? It’s actually in a queue for some days now, and I readded it yesterday again, by removing the previous one. Sorry for bothering. Thank you.

This is now done :slight_smile: Enjoy!

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