GTK 2 theme problem on KDE

Hi all,

I maintain PrusaSlicer Snap and a user filed a ticket on GH about theming problems on KDE. I was able to reproduce the issue on a VM, using Kubuntu 18.04. The application uses GTK 2 toolkit for UI.

From my understanding (and I’m no expert, by any means) problem arises from GTK using mainly XSettings for theme info; apparently, KDE (Kubuntu, at least) doesn’t use it and, instead, rely on ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file, through KDE GTK config. The file isn’t exported to Snap by any desktop-oriented interface I know of - personal-files might work, but I believe it’s not meant to be used like this.

Don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so question is: is there a known, documented way of treating this?

As a workaround, user can copy ~/.gtkrc-2.0 to ~/snap/prusa-slicer/current/, but this is suboptimal (linking doesn’t seem to work either, because of containment, I guess).

Gentle bump! :slight_smile: