Gracefully sunsetting dwarf-fortress

I currently own the dwarf-fortress snap name. But I never updated the package as often as I originally intended.

In the meantime, @ultraviolet packaged dwarffortress in the store and has been doing a better job of it than me.

I’m probably not going to suddenly become a good DF maintainer, so I’m happy to give up the name I’m not really using, and reduce confusion in store around both packages. @ultraviolet if you want it, you can have it.

What is the most graceful way to do that? Can both names point at same snap?

Thank you @mikix for your kind words, I’m not sure whether or not this is possible but I would be curious to know if there is a way to alias snap install dwarf-fortress to the dwarffortress snap package.

Anyone have any insight? My brief research didn’t bring much in the way of answers so I think it best to ask outright.

Thanks again!

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Hey folks,

The recommended pattern in this case would be to designate one of the snaps as the preferred one (dwarffortress I guess). Then, for the other one (dwarf-fortress), modify the snap so that when invoked, it pops a message inviting users to install the other snap instead. Ideally also include instructions on how to migrate relevant data (maybe copying via a common directory or something). Then users of dwarf-fortress who update and then run the software will be gently nudged toward migrating to the “preferred” snap.

There is unfortunately no automated mechanism to do this or to alias two snap names to the same actual snap.

  • Daniel