Going farther back in time with snap changes

I am away from home right now, and my home machine is switched on and busily doing things.

When I get home, I’m interested in seeing things beyond the last 25 changes or so into the past. But snap changes only shows me the most recent things that changed. I can’t see any options for snap changes which might let me see father into the past.

Is there some magic incantation, or some other way to dig this data out?

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Not at this time, mainly because the data is still in memory so we keep it fairly tight. We have plans for moving this data to disk, though, and then we’ll probably give you a chance to scroll as much farther back as you want since the data isn’t that large.

Time passes…

Any chance this can happen please? Time has moved on. Indeed discourse tells me, as I write this (in bold) that the last reply was “almost 2 years ago”. More people have more (critical) snaps installed that they care about now then they did in Feb 2018. It would be great if those users could see their update history rather than have the tool lie and say “no changes found”.


@pedronis can we revisit this? I’d like to do it as a 20%er